AudioNerdz release DELAY LAMA, The Virtual Singing Monk VST Instrument

AudioNerdz Utrecht The Netherlands ( - May 23rd, 2002. AudioNerdz are proud to release Delay Lama, a VST instrument (Mac & PC) that makes your computer sound and look like a singing Tibetan monk. For a screenshot, click here.

Delay Lama is the first software synthesizer that features both vocal synthesis and a real-time 3D animated interface, which dynamically reacts to musical gestures from the user. To control the pitch and vowel sound (ooh-ow-ah-ayh-eeh), either a MIDI keyboard with pitchbender, or the built-in XY-controller can be used. For an extra mystical effect, Delay Lama has a simple stereo delay.

Intended as AudioNerdz' jump start, Delay Lama is FREEWARE and can be downloaded from Satisfied users are encouraged to make a donation to the International Campaign for Tibet at This website offers information about the unfortunate political situation in Tibet, and provides an easy way to make a donation via on-line credit card payment.

AudioNerdz is a group of four Dutch students, specializing in audio software development and 3D animation design. Delay Lama is their first release.

VST stands for Virtual Studio Technology, and is developed by Steinberg Media Technologies AG. It's a standard that enables software effects and instruments to be used inside popular music creation programs, like Steinberg Cubase and Emagic Logic.

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